Thursday, May 5, 2011

Portraits: David Hasselhoff (1989)

David Hasselhoff at home, 1989. These pics were taken as part of a story on Hasselhoff by a german magazine, which promoted the release of his movie "W.B., Blue and the Bean". This film was renamed in Germany to "Wings of Freedom". The reason: six months earlier Hasselhoff had a number one hit in Germany with his single "Looking For Freedom".

Diese Bilder sind Teil einer Homestory über David Hasselhoff aus dem Jahre 1989. Anlass des Berichts war der Videorelease seines Films "W.B., Blue and the Bean". Dieser hieß in Deutschland "Wings of Freedom". Grund dafür: der Titel sollte an Hasselhoffs Hit "Looking for Freedom" erinnern, der ein halbes Jahr zuvor die Charts anführte.

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