Thursday, March 10, 2011

Aces Go Places 4 aka Mad Mission 4 (1986)

Directed by Ringo Lam. With Onno Boelee, Sylvia Chang, Roy Chiao.

"Aces Go Places" is one of these film series everyone loved back in the days. The movies were very fast paced, had lots of action scenes, exciting chase sequences and most importantly: They didn't take themselves seriously. In fact they played out like parodies of the James Bond movies and other action films of the time. The most notable thing about this poster may be the fact that the artist altered the faces of the actors in order to make them look less chinese.

"Mad Mission" ist eine Filmserie, die in den 80ern jeder liebte. Dass die Filme pausenlos im Fernsehen liefen zementierte ihren Kultstatus hierzulande. Das bemerkenswerteste an diesem Poster zum vierten Teil ist wohl, dass der Zeichner sich Mühe gegeben hat, den Figuren möglichst westliche Züge zu geben.

Behind the Scenes: The NeverEnding Story aka Die unendliche Geschichte (1984)

Barret Oliver, director Wolfgang Petersen and Tami Stronach at the set of "The Neverending Story".

Barret Oliver, Regisseur Wolfgang Petersen und Tami Stronach am Set von "Die unendliche Geschichte".