Thursday, September 2, 2010

Didi - Und die Rache der Enterbten (1985)

Directed by Dieter Hallervorden, Christian Rateuke. With Dieter Hallervorden, Wolfgang Kieling, Gerhard Wollner.

To describe the german humor of the 80s is a difficult task. The typical 80s comedies from Hollywood like the Griswolds movies or "Police Academy" were quite successful over here. But german movie-goers craved for something different: They wanted to see german comedians, who usually only appeared on tv, in the theatre. The key players of this movement were Otto Waalkes, Mike Krüger, Thomas Gottschalk and last but not least Dieter Hallervorden, nickname Didi. All of their work makes "Porky's" look like a movie by Ingmar Bergman. Hallervorden used his popularity wisely and produced at least one movie each year in the 80s. "Didi - Und die Rache der Enterbten" was his take on the classic "Kind Hearts and Coronets". Six people want to inherit the millions of the late Gustav Böllemann. But instead of Alec Guiness, it was Didi himself who starred in all the leading roles, like the obese Titus, wise guy Emilio or the mercenary Kongo-Otto.

In "Didi - Und die Rache der Enterbten" präsentierte Dieter Hallervorden uns seine Version des Klassikers "Adel verpflichtet". Sechs Menschen wollen ans Erbe des verstorbenen Gustav Böllemann. Anstatt Alec Guiness ist es Didi selbst, der alle Hauptrollen verkörpert. Star des Films ist eindeutig Kongo-Otto:

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